Create a "Label Anatomy" quiz question

In BioDigital's Quiz Builder, Label Anatomy questions — BioDigital's take on the traditional drag-and-drop quiz question — can be used to assess a learner's recall of multiple related structures at once. Instead of dragging and dropping a list of labels onto the model, the learner is asked to select the best label for multiple pre-applied labels from a series of drop-down menus.


Use Label Anatomy questions to assess the following learning objectives:

  • Identify anatomical structures
  • Describe the relationships between multiple anatomical structures


Create a "Label Anatomy" question

  1. Open your model or tour in the Quiz Builder.
  2. In the Quiz panel on the right side of your screen, click Add Question.
  3. Select Label Anatomy from the drop-down menu.
  4. In the Question field, enter the question you would like to ask. (You can enter something as simple as “Please label the following structures in the model” or customize it to your liking.)
  5. Click on the structures in the 3D model that you would like to quiz your learners on.
  6. In the Answer Explanation field, you can explain to the learner why the correct answer is in fact correct in case they get it wrong.


Advanced options

You will find three additional options in the Advanced tab within the Quiz panel:

  1. Custom Starting Position
  2. Next Button Text
  3. Show Chapter's Labels


Custom Starting Position

If you would like the model to appear in a slightly different starting position when the learner is viewing this quiz question, save a custom starting position by taking the following steps:

  1. Use your mouse, keyboard, or 3D controls to reposition the model as desired.
  2. When your model looks exactly how you want it to look when the learner enters this quiz question, click the Mark Position button. This will save the current position as the new starting position.

Next Button Text

Customize the text that appears in the button that takes the learner to the next question (if there is one). If you leave this field blank, this button will say, “Next Question.”

Show Chapter's Labels

All labels previously applied to the model in Label mode are automatically disabled as soon as you go into Quiz mode. However, you have the option to enable these labels to provide additional context for your quiz takers. Simply check the box next to "Show chapter's labels."


Next steps

Once your question is complete, you can take any of the following steps: