What is a team?

When you upgrade to a School or Business plan—or start a free trial—in the BioDigital Human, you are automatically given access to a team, a collaborative workspace where you can share 3D models with other team members, who can join your team via email invitation, invite code or link, or domain match.

Although every team functions the same way, the maximum number of team members allowed in a team varies by account. Your team’s specific member limit can be found on the Team page.

Your team members’ access and permissions within the team may vary as well if they have different roles. Depending on how they join the team, a team member’s role is either a) determined by the team’s default member role or b) if they are invited via email, explicitly selected by the inviter when the invitation is sent. Administrators can modify a given team member’s role at any time on the Team page.


Inviting other members

If your organization is subscribed to our Business plan, we recommend inviting colleagues, reviewers, and anyone else who will have a role in curating the 3D models you will be making available to your learners. (Again, you can control their level of access by selecting the right team member role.)

Organizations subscribed to our School plan, on the other hand, often choose to invite their students directly to their teams, but you can opt to limit your team to instructors if you prefer.

Regardless of who you invite to your team and what roles you assign them, team membership automatically unlocks several key features for everyone in your team:

  • Unlimited views of all models in Explore.
  • Unlimited 3D model storage in My Library.
  • A dedicated “Team” section in My Library where you can share and collaborate on saved 3D models with other members of your team.

    Tip: If you are an instructor with a School plan, you can use your "Team" section to share specific 3D models (customized or not) with your students. If your students are assigned the Creator role, they can also use this section to share content with you, other instructors, and/or other students. To learn how to keep your team’s shared content organized, see our article on collections.


Sharing content with learners

Once you and your colleagues have determined which models you would like to share with your learners and saved them to My Library, you can publish them as a link or embed code and integrate them into your website, learning management system, or application.

Even if you are sharing your team with students as part of a School plan, you can still make specific models available to your students in your learning management system (LMS).


Learn more

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