Invite new members to my team

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If you are a member of a team, you can invite new members to your team by taking the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Find the Invite Members button, which can be found in several places within the app:
    • In the navigation bar at the top of most pages (homepage, Explore, My Library, Account, Team, and Settings).
    • On the Team page, which you can access by clicking the    profile icon in the navigation bar and selecting Team.
    • In My Library, under your team's name or logo.
  3. In the Invite Members window, enter the email addresses of the individuals you would like to invite, separated by commas (up to 50 at a time).

    Note: The email address your invitee uses to join the team must match the email address you entered here. If these email addresses do not match, the user will not be able to join the team until you send a new invitation to the correct email address.

  4. Select the role you would like to assign to the individual(s) you are inviting.
  5. Click Send Invites.

    Note: Each of the individuals you have invited will receive an email containing a unique registration link that will enable them to join the team.


Individuals you have invited to join your team but who have not yet accepted their invitation will be listed in the Pending Invites section of the Team page. Read more about pending invites in Track team member invitations.



If you have any problems inviting new team members, contact us.