What is My Library?


My Library is your personal library of saved models in the BioDigital Human. When you save a model to My Library, you can then:

  • Customize it to meet your learning objectives.
  • Embed it into a website or app.
  • Share and collaborate on it with your colleagues or peers.
  • Edit it anytime, with all updates automatically saved to the cloud.

If you belong to a Team, My Library will contain two main sections:

  • Private Models: Models that you saved to your account and chose not to share with the Team.
  • Team Models: Models that you or other members of your Team saved to their account and chose to share with the Team.

Both Private Models and Team Models can be accessed from the upper-left side of My Library:


If you do not belong to a Team, My Library is entirely private to you. It will contain include both off-the-shelf models that you added from Explore, and any models you edited and then saved in Human Studio.

For more about My Library, see How do I save a model to My Library?