Edit a label in my model


All labels in the BioDigital Human can be edited. Whether the label was built into the model or you added the label yourself, you have the ability to change both 1) the text itself and 2) what happens when the end user clicks or taps the label.

To edit a label:

1. Start by opening your model in Human Studio.

2. Select the label you want to edit in one of two ways:

  1. Click the label in the 3D model. This will open the label’s information in the Labels panel on the right side of your screen.
  2. Select the label you want to edit directly from the Labels panel on the right side of your screen, where all of your labels will be listed.

3. For each label, you can edit its Content, Style, and Actions.

  • Content: Modify the text that will appear in the label tag.
    • Title: This is the primary text that will appear in your label. By default, the title field is the name of the anatomical structure your label is attached to.
    • Description: This is an optional text field that, when filled, will appear. below the title in your label. You have the option to hide or show the description on load (see Actions below).
  • StyleChange the appearance of the label button.
    • Label Theme: Switch from the default Light theme to Dark.
    • Label Pin: Switch from the default Plus / Minus pin to a plain Circle pin.
    • Label Type: Switch from the default Leader Line style to Floating, and decide whether you want your label tag to appear on the left or right side of the pin.
    • Make Pin Glow: Add a flickering “glow” to your button to encourage the user to click it.
  • ActionsControl what happens when the model first loads and when the user clicks on the label.
    • On Load
      • Hide description: Hide/collapse the label description when the model loads. (Then you can show/expand it when the user clicks!)
    • On Click
      • Show description: If you have decided to hide your label description on load, you can set it to reappear when the user clicks on the label.
      • Zoom label: When the user clicks on the label, you can either disable the default zoom-in function entirely, or zoom in on a fixed position of your choosing. To zoom to a fixed position:
        1. In the drop-down menu, switch from from Zoom to label structure to Zoom to fixed position.
        2. Use your mouse, keyboard, or 3D controls to reposition the model. (When the user clicks on the label, the model will zoom in to this exact position.)
        3. Click Mark Position.

4. Once you are finished making changes to your labels, make sure you save your model!

For more about labels, see: