Create a tour

Tours are embeddable slideshows of 3D interactive anatomy or health conditions that can make complex medical topics easier to grasp and retain.

There are hundreds of ready-made tours available in the BioDigital Human library (under the Explore tab) that can be saved to My Library exactly as they are, or edited first. But the possibilities do not stop there – any model in the library can become a tour!

Take the steps below to build your own.


Step 1: Open a model in Human Studio

To build a tour in the BioDigital Human, you will need to start with a model from the library and open it in Human Studio:

  1. In Explore, browse or search to find the model you would like to use as the basis for your tour. If you would like to start with an existing tour, see Edit a tour.
  2. Hover over the model's tile and click the    more options icon.
  3. In the drop-down menu, select  Customize in Studio.


Step 2: Customize your first chapter


On the left side of the page in Human Studio, you will see a panel called Chapters. This is where you will build and manage your tour. In this panel you will see the model you just opened from Explore. This is your first chapter. (When you open a tour in Human Studio, you will see all of the tour’s built-in chapters listed here instead.)

Before you start adding chapters to your tour, you can customize your first chapter as desired. If you do not need to make changes to your first chapter, or if you would prefer to make changes later, skip to step 3: Add chapters.

For each chapter in your tour, you can use a combination of the main toolbar at the top of the page, the Anatomy Tree, and the chapter tools to customize your chapter. For detailed instructions on how to use our authoring tools to customize your chapter, see Customize 3D models in Human Studio.


Step 3: Add chapters


For detailed instructions on how to add chapters to your tour, see Add chapters to a tour.

Once you have created each of your additional chapters, you can customize it as desired. Again, see Customize 3D models in Human Studio.

To reorder your chapters, drag and drop the chapter tiles in the order you want.


Repeat the above steps as needed until your tour is complete.


Step 4: Save your tour

When you are finished creating your tour, make sure you save it to My Library! The process of saving a tour is exactly the same as saving any other model in Human Studio:

  1. Click Save in the upper-right corner of the page. This will save the model to My Library with all of the changes you just made.
    studio_save button_dec23.png

    Tip: If you would prefer to save a new version of your tour, click on the arrow next to Save and select Save As instead.

  2. In the pop-up window, make sure you are happy with the title of your tour. If not, make your changes now.
  3. Select your tour’s permission settings.*
  4. Select the name of the collection in which you would like to save your tour.*
  5. Click Save.

For more on saving, see How do I save a model to My Library?