Update my model's starting position

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When you are customizing a model in Human Studio, it is important to update its starting position so the model is positioned effectively within the viewport when learners first enter the chapter. (See Why do I need to update my model's starting position?)

There are two ways to update your model's starting position: automatically and manually. Choose the option that best suits your needs and follow the steps below.


  • To update your model's starting position automatically, simply make sure the checkbox next to Auto-capture starting position is selected.


    When this setting is enabled, your starting position will automatically update every time you move the model. Therefore, just before you save your model, we recommend that you position it exactly how you would like it to appear to learners.

  • To update your model's starting position manually, take the following steps:

    1. Make sure the checkbox next to Auto-capture starting position is not selected.
    2. Select the chapter you want to edit:
      • If your model has multiple chapters, all of them will appear in the Chapters panel on the left side of the page. Click on the chapter you want to edit to make it the active chapter.
      • If your model only has one chapter, this chapter will already be selected in the Chapters panel.
    3. Customize your model and use your mouse, keyboard, or 3D controls to reposition it as desired. 
    4. When your model looks exactly how you want it to look when the learner enters the chapter, click the Capture button below your chapter's thumbnail. This will save the current position as your starting position.

      Note: Pressing the Capture button actually updates two aspects of your model:

      1. Your starting position
      2. The thumbnail associated with your chapter (i.e, the image that gets displayed for your chapter when you load your model in View or publish it outside of the BioDigital Human)

      If you would like to update only your starting position or only your chapter's thumbnail, click on the arrow next to Capture and select Capture Position Only or Capture Thumbnail Only.