Edit a tour

If you would like to make changes to a tour, whether it is a tour you created yourself or a ready-made tour in the Human Library, the process for editing the tour is the same:

  1. Start by opening the tour in Human Studio.

    1. Find the model you would like to edit in Explore or My Library.

    2. Hover over the model and select Customize in Studio customize-in-studio-button.svg at the bottom of the model's tile.

  2. The tour’s chapters will appear in the Chapters panel on the left side of the page. Click on the chapter you would like to edit. This will make it the active chapter. Now you can make your desired changes.*

  3. Click Save in the lower-right corner of the page. For more on saving, see Create a tour: Save your tour.


*What would you like to change in your tour?

  • Reorder chapters: Drag and drop the chapter tiles in the order you want.

  • Add chapters: There are two ways to add chapters to your tour:

    1. Duplicate an existing chapter:

      • Click on the Duplicate button  below the chapter in the chapter menu, or

      • Click on the chapter in the chapter menu to select it, and then click on the tile below that says "Add Chapter." Select Duplicate [chapter name] to create a copy of the selected chapter.
    2. Import a model from Explore or My Library:

      1. Click on the chapter in the chapter menu to select it

      2. Click on the tile below that says "Add Chapter."

      3. Select Import Chapters...

      4. In the pop-up window, search or browse through the models in Explore and My Library and find the one you would like to add to your tour.

      5. Hover over the model and click Import.

  • Delete a chapter: Click on the Delete button  below the chapter.

  • Update a chapter's title and/or description: Click Edit Text below the chapter in the chapter menu, make your changes in the Content Manager window that appears, and click Done.