Embed a 3D model into Articulate Storyline


To embed a 3D model from the BioDigital Human into a course in Articulate Storyline:

  1. In the BioDigital Human web app, publish your saved 3D model as a URL by following the steps in this article. This will copy a URL to your browser's clipboard.
  2. Navigate to the Insert tab on the Storyline ribbon, and select Web Object.
  3. storyline_insert_web_object_sep20.png
  4. Paste your model's URL from step #1 into the Address field.
  5. Under How do you want to display this web object? make sure Display in slide is selected.
  6. Under How should this web object behave?, make sure Load web object automatically is selected.
  7. storyline_web_object_sep20.png
  8. Click OK.
  9. Draw the shape of your web object onto the slide. The size and shape you choose for your web object is how your 3D model will appear in the Viewer when you publish your model. 
  10. Publish or preview your story to see your 3D model in action!