Why do I need to update my model's starting position?

Every model and tour chapter in the Human Library has a default "starting position." This means when the learner first enters the chapter, the model will appear in a specific position in 3D space.

For example, when you first open the Female Cardiovascular System from our Library, the model is positioned such that the body is visible from the knees up and turned slightly to the right (our left).


However, let's say you were to open this model in Human Studio, use the Anatomy Tree to isolate the heart and pulmonary circulation, and then use keyboard shortcuts to center the model on the screen.


If you then saved the model without updating the starting position, the model would revert back to its default starting position the next time you opened it, and this is what it would look like to learners:


On the other hand, if you were to update your starting position before saving your model, this is what it would look like to learners instead:


Fortunately, it's easy to update your starting position in Studio. See Update my model's starting position for instructions.