Understanding "view modes" for 3D quizzes

Feature availability


Once you have added one or more quiz questions to a model or tour in Human Studio, you can use view modes to control the level of quiz access learners will have in the in-app or published experience.

You can choose from three available view modes:

View & Quiz (default)


View & Quiz—the default setting for any model that contains a quiz—enables both View mode and Quiz mode inside the app.

Outside the app, this setting enables both View mode and Quiz mode unless you publish your model/quiz in Assessment Mode. See How do these settings work with "Assessment Mode"? below for more details.

View only


View only enables View mode and disables Quiz mode both inside and outside the app. Selecting this option is the same as unchecking Enable Quiz in your quiz settings

Quiz only


Quiz only disables View mode and enables Quiz mode both inside and outside the app.

Use this setting if you do not need your quiz to be associated with learning tour—for example, if you want to learners to be able to quickly launch knowledge checks inside the app without the distraction of didactic material, or you want to use different models for your learning tour and its associated quiz (e.g., remove paint colors that would give away the answer, or remove extraneous structures).


How do these settings work with "Assessment Mode"?

When a model or tour contains a quiz, an option called Assessment Mode will appear when you publish it.


The purpose of Assessment Mode is to convert your quiz into an assessment that could be graded. (If you have access to developers, see our Viewer API documentation to learn how to capture quiz scores.)

Enabling Assessment Mode in a published quiz has two possible outcomes depending on your quiz's view mode:

  1. If your quiz is set to "View & Quiz," Assessment Mode willoverride the View & Quiz setting and disables View mode entirely. As a result, the model or tour will automatically load in Quiz mode, and the learner will not see a Back to View button at the end of the quiz.
  2. If your quiz is set to "View & Quiz" or "Quiz Only," Assessment Mode will disable the Take Again button usually presented at the end of a quiz. This prevents learners from retaking a quiz multiple times in a row to achieve a higher score.

To understand how different combinations of View Modes and Assessment Mode impact the experience both inside and outside app, see the flow chart below.