Change my model's background color


Most BioDigital Human models come with a standard off-white background color (the official HTML color code is called "whitesmoke"). This neutral color is designed to maximize the contrast between the 3D visuals and the background, promote the legibility of labels, and blend seamlessly into the surrounding page.

However, you have the ability to change the background color of any model in Studio, and you can even choose different background colors for each chapter. 

To change your background color:

1. With your model open in Studio, navigate to the left panel and make sure you have the Chapters tab open.

2. Click on the box next to Edit Text to open the Background Color window.


3. To use one of our standard color options, click on a tile in the Presets tab. The current chapter's background color will immediately update to reflect your selection. 


4. To use a custom color, select the Custom tab.

5. In addition to selecting a custom color, you can also choose a color Type from the drop-down menu: Solid Color, Radial Gradient, Linear Gradient, or Transparent.

  • With a Radial Gradient, you can select an Inner Color and an Outer Color. Adjust the Radius dials for each to control where the fade between the two colors occurs and how gradual it is. 
  • With a Linear Gradient, you can select a Starting Color, which will appear at the top of the Viewer, and an Ending Color, which will appear at the bottom. Adjust the Starting Color Stop and Ending Color Stop dials to control where the fade between the two colors occurs and how gradual it is. 


6. If you would like your color selection to apply to the current chapter only, click Done. If you are working with a tour and would like to apply your selection to all of its chapters, click Apply To All.

7. To revert back to the default off-white color, click Revert To Original.