March 2020: COVID-19 3D model dashboard

Introducing BioDigital's COVID-19 dashboard ( See FAQs below for more details.


What it is? 

BioDigital's coronavirus dashboard is library of interactive 3D assets that is being provided at no cost to support organizations in their communication of the coronavirus. We hope that by enabling better understanding we can help increase symptom recognition, and reduce disease transmission and fear. You may use these visuals in any way, shape, or form to educate the public.


How was it created? 

BioDigital is working with leading virologists and leveraging its 3D Human Visualization platform to produce these interactive 3D models. 


What kinds of content does it include? 

The dashboard includes 3D visualizations of COVID-19: the structure of the virus, the way the virus infects humans, how it is transmitted, its symptoms, and ultimately potential treatments. These visualizations span molecular, cellular, and gross-level anatomy and disease. 


Do I need to provide attribution?

If you use any of the visuals, we kindly ask that you please let us know by filling out our contact form and telling us how you intend to use our imagery. We also ask that you include attribution in the form of a watermark whenever the content is being displayed (see logos below: color for when displayed on light backgrounds, white for dark backgrounds).


Can I embed the interactive 3D model directly into my website?

Yes, our content can be embedded into any digital resource in its true interactive 3D form with a snippet of via iframe code—the same way you would embed a YouTube video. See this how-to article for step-by-step instructions


How do I create a video? 

This format is typically best for broadcast or any other type of video media.

To create a screen recording, open your preferred model via the coronavirus dashboard or via direct link (listed below for all models). From there, simply use QuickTime Player or your preferred screen recording tool to create a video of the model as you interact with it. We ask that you include a BioDigital logo or watermark in videos of our content.  


How do I create a static image?

To create a static image of our content, open your preferred model via the coronavirus dashboard or via direct link (listed below for all models). From there, take a screenshot of the view you’d like (including the watermark in the bottom left hand corner).


Can I share on social media?

Yes, please feel free to leverage these models in any education and communication resources when useful. We ask that you tag BioDigital (handles listed below) in any posts using our content and provide the link to our coronavirus dashboard: Beyond these requests, please see this document if you’d like recommendations on what to post.

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What is BioDigital?

Often referred to as “Google Maps for the Human Body,” the BioDigital Human platform is a medically accurate, virtual map of the human body—composed of over 8,000 individually selectable anatomical structures, 600 simulated health conditions, and a toolkit to map and visualize data. This fully embeddable, cloud based software is available in eight languages, on any desktop, mobile device, or in AR/VR for use within any educational or clinical workflow. For more information, please check out 

If you have any further questions or requests, please fill out our contact form.