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    November 2023: Guided anatomy tours for foundational anatomy education

    The BioDigital library now includes a comprehensive category on Guided Anatomy for foundational anatomy education. Over 90 self-guided tours on regional anatomy were crafted by our team of medical experts in partnership with Dr. Jonathan Wisco, a preeminent anatomy professor at Boston University...


    October 2023: Allow new members to join your team with invite codes & approved email domains

    Feature availability Platforms: Desktop, Mobile Plans: Schools, Business Team roles: Administrators If you work at a large organization, it may not be possible for you to invite each and every member of your organization to your team in the BioDigital Human—you may not even know who to i...


    October 2023 Content Release: Minimally invasive procedures

    Building on last quarter's procedure expansion, our latest content release includes a focus on minimally invasive procedures with multiple options for inguinal hernia repairs, a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, and endoscopic rotator cuff repair. Refresh on the basics, and explore new foundation...


    July 2023 Content Release: Intravenous therapies, screening procedures, & new dermatology content

    This quarter’s release includes a suite of content on intravenous therapies for oncology treatment and screening procedures. Our Dermatology category has also expanded to include content on frost bite and pressure injuries, featuring each stage on a detailed cross section and tips for recognizin...


    May 2023: The new & improved Human Viewer

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Human Viewer experience. We have listened to your valuable feedback, conducted extensive user testing, and made significant improvements to enhance the discoverability and usability of key tools and deliver an unparalleled user experience for all ...


    April 2023: Add videos to labels and chapter descriptions

    First we made it possible to add 2D images to your 3D models, and then we enabled audio. Now you can upload videos to any label or chapter description in Human Studio, allowing you to create a fully immersive, multimedia learning experience without ever having to leave your model or tour. You ca...

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