January 2021: Add 2D images to labels and chapter descriptions

You can now upload your own 2D images in Studio to complement your model’s labels or chapter descriptions. And if you use our Draw tool, use our new text utility to add text to your images and never worry about illegible handwriting again.


Image uploader for labels and chapter descriptions

Product: Human Studio and Human Viewer

Our new image uploader feature in Human Studio allows you to embed a 2D image within the labels or chapter description(s) in your 3D model or tour. These embedded images – e.g., photos, diagrams, medical imaging (e.g., MRI, X-ray, CT, ultrasound), illustrations – can be used to complement and add context to the information already presented in your model. 

When you upload an image to a label or chapter description, the image is automatically resized to fit the fixed height and width of the label (100x100 pixels) or information panel (256x200 pixels), respectively. However, in the published model or tour, the learner can enlarge the image by hovering over it and clicking Expand. (Clicking the X in the upper-right corner will collapse the image.)

Default view:




Accepted file formats for both image types include .jpg, .jpeg, and .png, and the maximum file size is 15 MB.

There are three additional options available when adding an image to a chapter description that are not available for images in labels:

  1. Upload multiple images. When two or more images are added to a chapter description, the images are presented in a slideshow, which the learner can navigate using "Previous" and "Next" arrows positioned beneath the image.
  2. Add a caption. When included, the caption will appear beneath the image in the information panel:
  3. Add alt text for screen readers. (To learn more about how we support web accessibility, see the BioDigital Accessibility Conformance Report.)

For step-by-step instructions on how to add images to a label or chapter description, see Add 2D images to my model.


New text option in the Draw tool

Product: Human Viewer


When you're using the Draw tool (formerly the "Whiteboard" tool) in the Human Viewer, you can now annotate the image with our new text utility.

To activate the text utility and add text to an image:

  1. Open the Menu in the lower-right corner of the Viewer and select Draw to open the Draw tool.
  2. Select the Text icon in the toolbar in the lower-right corner of the image.
  3. Select a different font size from the menu or click or tap anywhere to continue using the default font size (16px).
  4. Click or tap  anywhere on the image to create a new text box.
  5. To overwrite the placeholder text within the text box, start typing (web) or double-tap the text box and then type (mobile). To edit the text at any point once you've deselected the text box, simply click on the text box again (web) or double-tap it (mobile) to reactivate it and start typing again.

Other available functions include:

  • Move the text box: On the web, hover over the top of the text box until you see a pan icon pan_icon_jan21.png, click, and drag. On mobile, tap the top of the text box, hold, and drag.
  • Resize the text box: Click on or tap any of the corners of the text box, hold, and drag.
    • Note: This will only change the size of the text box, not the size of the text itself. To change the size of the text, select the text box and then the Text icon in the toolbar, and choose a new size.
  • Change the text color: Click on or tap the text box to select it, click on or tap the Color icon in the toolbar, and select a new color.
  • Delete a text box: Click on or tap the text box and click Delete on your keyboard.