Remove a developer from my team

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If you are an Administrator of a team, it is important that you use caution when removing developers from your team. If you are planning to remove a developer from your team, please review the information below before you take this step to avoid accidentally disabling your embedded 3D models:

Note: If you attempt to remove a developer from your team without following the instructions in How to safely remove a developer from your team below, a warning will notify you that taking this step may cause your developer apps—and the embedded 3D content you use them with—to stop working. At this point, you can click Cancel and take the steps below to prevent any disruption to your embedded 3D content.
remove a developer warning_mar24.png

If you wish to proceed with removing the developer from your team, you may do so at your own risk; simply check the box next to "I confirm that I want to remove the user" and click Remove.


About developers

A developer is defined as any user with one or more registered developer apps associated with their account. Learn more in How developer apps work below.

You can identify developers in your team by looking for a gray “developer” tag below their name on the Team page in your account.

team member list_developer tag_mar24.png


How developer apps work

In order to use any of BioDigital’s developer toolkits (Viewer API, Content API, or mobile SDKs), users must take the following steps:

  1. The user is first required to join a team that is actively subscribed to a School or Business plan.
  2. Next, the user must log in to our developer site using their BioDigital Human credentials, create a new developer app, and register the domain(s) or bundle ID(s) in which they plan to use the toolkit(s) to this app.

    This step officially tags the user as a “developer” in our database and generates a unique developer key.

    developer app_add app_mar24.png
  3. (Optional) The developer can then log in to the web app and select their newly registered developer app as their default developer app on the Account page. This step will trigger their developer key to be automatically added to any embed code or link they publish from their account going forward.
    set default app_mar24.png
  4. Finally, if or when the developer embeds a 3D model with their developer key into a website or application, our backend services will perform a verification check when the model initially loads to confirm whether following requirements are met (learn more in this article):
    • A valid developer key is present, associated with a valid developer app, and compatible with the current platform (web, native iOS app, or native Android app).
    • The developer account associated with the developer key is active, and the user is a member of a team with an active School or Business subscription.
    • The developer key is authorized to be used in the current domain(s) or bundle ID(s).

    Warning: As long as a valid developer key is present in a 3D model’s embed code, the verification check described above will take place when the mode loads, even if no developer toolkits are actively in use in the integration.

    Therefore, if your team is not actively using developer toolkits, we recommend asking any developers on your team to delete their registered apps from the Manage Apps page on our developer site.

  5. If the verification check is successful, the model will load as expected.

    If the verification check fails, however, the model will not load and the end user will see an error message instead.

    embed authentication error_mar24.png


How to safely remove a developer from your team

If you remove a developer from your team using our standard process, the verification check described in step 4 above will fail in any models using the team member’s developer key, and these models will fail to load.

Given this risk, it is crucial to transfer the departing team member’s developer app(s) to another member of your team. This preserves any associated developer key’s functionality, ensuring it passes all future verification checks.

To transfer a developer’s developer app(s) to another member of your team, take the following steps:

  1. Submit a request to our Customer Experience team.
  2. In your request, provide the name and email address of the team member who will be taking over the departing member’s developer app(s).
  3. Once a member of our team confirms that the developer app(s) have been transferred successfully, you will see the “developer” tag switch from the departing team member to the other team member on the Team page.
  4. Now you can safely remove the departing team member by following the steps outlined in Remove members from my team.