What is a tour?

At its surface, a 3D "tour" in the BioDigital Human is an embeddable slideshow of 3D interactive anatomy, physiology, or treatments.

But one level deeper, tours are one of the most powerful educational tools in the BioDigital Human’s authoring toolkit. When used effectively, tours—which are made up of individual units we call "chapters"—can simplify complex medical topics for audiences of all kinds, better engage learners, and increase knowledge retention.

Here are a few examples of how tours can be used in different educational contexts:

  • A professor teaching the nervous system can make it easier for students to understand and remember the various components of the nervous system by creating a tour with separate chapters for each component— central, peripheral, somatic, and autonomic.
  • A physician can use a tour to help a patient understand their rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis by seeing the progression from a "normal" joint to a mildly inflamed joint in early arthritis to a severely inflamed joint in advanced arthritis.
  • A pharmaceutical rep can use a tour to compare and contrast to a physician how asthma affects the respiratory system and how their drug treats this condition.


Use our pre-built tours

There are hundreds of ready-made tours in the BioDigital Human library (under the Explore tab) that you can save to My Library and start using immediately. To browse a list of all of our available tours, open the Filter button in Explore and select "Tour" in the Tags section.



Or simply look for the “Tour” tag when you are browsing:



Build your own tours

Any model in the BioDigital Human can become a tour, and any existing tour can be customized to your liking. To learn how to build and edit your own tours, we recommend checking out the following articles: