Add chapters to a tour

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There are two ways to add a chapter to a tour:

  1. Import a model from Explore or My Library
  2. Duplicate an existing chapter


Import a chapter from Explore or My Library

import chapter_sep23.png

If you are building a tour to explain the origins and effects of disease, or compare several distinct conditions that all affect, for example, the spine, you may need to string together multiple models by importing them from Explore and/or My Library.

Take the following steps to import a chapter in Human Studio:

  1. In the Chapters menu on the left side of the page, click the Add Chapter button.
  2. Select Import Chapters...
  3. In the Import Chapters window, use the drop-down menu or search bar to find relevant models from the BioDigital Library (i.e. Explore) or My Library.
  4. Hover over the model you would like to add to your tour, and click Import.


Duplicate an existing chapter

duplicate chapters_sep23.png

If you are building a tour to explain a single anatomy or health condition topic that has multiple components, you may need to string together several different versions of the same 3D model. For example, if you are teaching a unit on the skeletal system, you could build a tour of the bones with each chapter illustrating a different region of the body, e.g., bones of the head and neck, bones of the thorax, bones of the lower limb.

To create a new chapter using any model already loaded in Human Studio, there is no need to import it again – simply duplicate it!

You can duplicate a chapter in one of two ways:

  1. Find the chapter you want to duplicate in the Chapters panel, click the Add Chapter button at the bottom of the Chapters panel, and select Duplicate [chapter name].
  2. Click the Duplicate This Chapter shortcut on the chapter's file, directly to the left of the    Remove This Chapter icon.