BioDigital Human glossary

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  • Capture: A function that enables you to save the current position of your model as your new starting position. Related article: Update my model's starting position
  • Chapter: The building block of a tour. Multiple chapters make up a tour. Related article: Create a tour
  • Collections: Folders that enable teams to organize saved models within My Library. Collections can be designed to match your team's unique workflow; organize your models by project stage, team, course title, body region, or whatever makes your life easier. Related article: Organize my team's saved models with collections





  • Label: An interactive tag that can be applied to a 3D model to provide more information to the learner. Related article: Add a new label to my model


  • My Library: Your personal library of saved models in the BioDigital Human. Related article: What is My Library?


  • Paint: A feature that enables you to apply colors and visual effects to an anatomical structure or group of structures in your 3D model. Related article: Paint a model
  • Personal Plus: A subscription plan designed for individual users that gives you access to the full Human Library (found under "Explore") and enables you to save an unlimited number of models to My Library. Related article: What do I get with a Personal Plus plan? 
    • If you are part of a business or academic institution that wishes to use the BioDigital Human platform for your audience, contact our sales team to learn more about our School and Business plans.
  • Private Models: (Formerly "My Models") A section in My Library where any models you have saved from Explore are stored. Related article: Save a model to My Library
  • Publish: Export a 3D model so you can integrate it into your website, app, or education materials. You can publish your model as an iframe, which can be embedded directly into a website; a URL, which can be loaded by itself in any browser; or a 2D image, which can be incorporated into slides or printed materials. Related articles: Publish a 3D modelPublish a 2D image of a model


  • Save: Can refer to adding a model from Explore to My Library for future use, or updating a model that's already stored in My Library. Related articles: Save a model to My LibraryEdit a model in My Library?
  • Save As: An option available in Human Studio that enables you to save a new version of a model you or a fellow team member has already saved to My Library. If you make changes to a My Library model and click Save, your changes will be saved to the existing model. If you make changes to a My Library model, click Save As, and give it a new name, your changes will only apply to the new model; they will not be saved to the original model. Related articles: Save a model to My LibraryEdit a model in My Library
  • Select: Use your mouse or trackpad to click on a structure, or one finger to tap it. When a structure is selected, it turns yellow and its name appears in a label. Related articles: How to navigate in 3D space on a computer, How to navigate in 3D on a mobile device
  • Starting position: This refers to how the model is positioned in 3D space when the viewer enters a chapter. The starting position can be modified in Human Studio. Related article: Update my model's starting position
  • Structure: The shortened form of anatomical structure.